About Us

Daphne Mello, BeltBe Founder

I love fashion.  It has always been a part of both my personal and professional life.

While earning my Image Consultant Certification at FIT New York, I became passionate about how belts could not only elevate any outfit, but also help people to project themselves and their image in a more positive manner by enhancing physical attributes.   

As I looked back on my professional experience in fashion retail, I realized very few companies were fully dedicated to offering customers a wide and rich selection of belts. That’s why I started BeltBe, a company that combines fine quality, large assortment, affordable prices, and a playful look at fashion, inspired by the taste and rhythm of Brazil, my native country.   

Our belts come in an ample variety of colors and styles within a vibrant palette, manufactured in Brazil with 100% genuine leather and suede.  

We are committed to offering stunning products and we hope you will love our belts as much as we love seeing our customers explore new fashion opportunities.  

We invite you to have fun, try on a BeltBe, and tell us what you think #mybeltbe

Daphne Mello

BeltBe Founder